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The ST05G Stirling Engine Project

The ST05G is a basic 500 Watt experimental Stirling Engine. It was designed by Dieter Viebach in 1992 to promote microcogeneration with biomass fuels. 

Technical Data

CNC-Teilesatz ST05G-CNC
Dimensions 350x300x600mm
Weight 20kg (cast aluminum version)
Flywheel 7,5kg;  diameter: 280mm
Bore power piston: 85mm, displacer: 96mm
Stroke 75mm
Working Gas nitrogen, dry air or helium @10bar
Efficiency 22% (engine only)
Power (mech.) 500W @ 650°C heater temperature
Idle Speed 800 1/min
Heat Source optional, pref. biomass fuels
Lowest temp. -50°C in refrigerator mode

ST05G and ST05G-G

The engine was first demonstrated to the public at the 1993 ISEC Stirling Engine Conference in Eindhofen. To make it more popular Dieter Viebach began publishing a set of construction drawings for this engine. He even started distributing a set of aluminum castings to make it easier to manufacture the engine. About 120 sets were sold. There was a lively exchange under the ST05G-enthusiasts and the original design experienced a number of improvements. Even a version with integrated generator (ST05G-G) was added.There is an old website  on that project with additional information (in german language only).
Today this engine is put under a Creative Commons licence (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike). The complete assembly drawing is available as free download. Creative Commons License

Updated Version: ST05G-CNC   

During the last years it turned out that producing the castings for the ST05G became more and more uneconomical due to the low number of prototypes that were built. So Dieter Viebach decided not to reissue any further lot. On the other hand CNC-machining techniques have improved a lot during the last years. So we decided to update the ST05G-drawings and bring out the ST05G-CNC. There are no more cast aluminum parts needed. The engine now can be built in any up to date workshop with 3- or 5-axis machining centre. The new drawings are available here.

As in its beginnings the project is still open to everyone. During the first years Dieter Viebach gathered all the ideas on stiring-micro-cogeneration in his newsletters ("Ringinfos"). He regularly published them and sent prints to anyone involved in the project. Today the internet offers far better possibilities for a collaboration. For that reason we have opened a ST05G-Stiring-Forum. There you can find the latest information on our stirling engine project. Feel free and use this forum to discuss your questions or share your ideas with us!

ST05G-CNC @ El.Ma. srlThe Italian company El.Ma. srl was the first to finish and operate the ST05-G-CNC built according to our plans. You can download a movie of the running engine here. There are some more videos and animations in our
YouTube Channel.

CNC-Teilesatz ST05G-CNCDespite the fact that the ST05G-CNC is one of the most basic power stirling engines it still requires a well equipped workshop to build it. For all those who might face some problems with major CNC-parts we now have a choice of parts on stock.
For availability and prices please contact us.

Guss-Teilesatz ST05GNew: Castings for the ST05G are available again.
Thanks to rapid prototyping casting techniques we can now deliver the complete set of aluminum castings for the ST05G again. The set even includes the housing parts for the pressurized generator. 
For availability and prices please contact us.